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Update! — Midnight Shift Remake is now complete.


Midnight Shift Remake


After becoming trapped in a dilapidated building in the industrial part of town, an urban explorer must now find their way out using whatever they can find.


This was a one-person portfolio project, but I did get assistance from Ray for the mannequin model. The game experience is roughly 5-10 minutes and it includes a secret ending that may take you a while to uncover. This was a summer project and it was completed in just under three months. My focus was on creating an unpleasant atmosphere and original models. Additionally, this project serves as a spiritual successor to my earlier project, Midnight Shift.

View my other works: md-pd.weebly.com


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Second Game I played. Cool stuff

Great short game 

Audio was on point Graphics are really good

Didn't get secret ending...

here's the gameplay ;)


Fantastic game!! Really enjoyed this one, was a little confused by the ending but other than that it was hella good. Those noises deffo got me haha!! But why mannequins?? I hate mannequins lol. Very good! Keep it up

Check out my gameplay below!!

I love it! It's very unsettling. Great job!

Nice game

Did this stick a fine hot blade in my fear of mannequins? yes... great game... you terrified me developer.

I really like your game, it's so creepy

This was an incredible horror experience that left me feeling numb all over. Fantastic job.

i love this game

This game is really scary and the atmosphere is super dark, I really liked it

My playthrough starts at 2:53

Great game!! I enjoyed it :)

here's the gameplay ;)

Heyo! i played through this and loved it the jumpscares music and atmosphere was amazing! heres my playthrough if ya wanna see ^~^

Played Midnight Shift adn boy did this not disappoint. It's as scary as the previous game was and even more spookier. The environment is a lot smaller, hence making it a lot scarier than the previous game. And everything is still ominous and scary as it was before due to the darkness and music in the background; they both go hand in hand together. 

You have definitely learnt from the previous game and made the area smaller; puzzles which include a lot back and forth, etc. But one thing that I wish that this game had more of that the previous one did were the mannequins themselves. They were a lot more prominent in the previous game and hence made it a lot more scarier. It is scary here but not as much as the older one as they appear towards the end and don't do much till the last cutscene.

But everything taken into account, both you and the game have improved immensely and this game was really fun to play! Can't wait for more and good luck for the next one!

This was a nice follow-up to Midnight Shift Remake. I featured both in my B&W horror anthology series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFsIY7xpFKo&list=PLQT5XFx1cJltaDkIz86PPrmOPoeKtROIJ&index=3

I am starting a YouTube channel based around playing indie horror games, and this was one of the first! You can find my video here:

I am a game developer, so I understand how important it is to get critical feedback from players, no matter how experienced you are. So feel free to take a look at my notes and opinions below!

As someone who has a general phobia of mannequins and dolls, I was terrified of this game. I don't read the description of any horror game that I play in hopes of being surprised, and the moment that first mannequin ran past the doorway, oh boy was I surprised!

I loved the atmosphere and general unsettling nature of the environment. The story really was hidden all the way through, which I think helped feed the unknown factor. It seemed to be very P.T. inspired just based around the idea of going back and forth in a small, confined area, but that seemed to work perfectly for this game. Those mannequin models are great too! They look just real enough for me to be horrified. 

I was a bit confused at first. I was not entirely sure what my objective was. I feel like early on, a lot of my fear was lost because I was just wandering, trying to figure out what to do. After I found the first fuse, though, I understood what my overall objective was and the fear crept right back up.

The subtle noise cues and overall sound design was perfect for this little game. I am a sucker for good sound design and I think this game got it down. There was just enough sound when the game needed it, and none when it didn't.

I think it could've been even more terrifying if you would have done something with the mannequins at the end. It was perfectly set up for one of them to charge at me, but even just something as simple as one of the mannequins falling over when I walked passed could've served as perfect jumpscare material. Of course, the ending really served as the big jumpscare moment, but I don't think that worked too well. I think that a small, non-lethal jumpscare would've been perfect right before that ending sequence.

As always, take my opinions with a grain of salt as I really did enjoy the experience.

Aside from the minimal flaws that I found in this short horror game, I genuinely enjoyed it! It really was a perfect addition to my playlist of indie horror games!

Covered this game a little while ago with my best friend. It's a great game and it definitely startled us at some points!

Super fun and scary game nearly gave me a heart attack. if you could give your support to my channel that would be awesome, its a new channel and i am new to YouTube.

Really good short horror game! You need 5 cards(?) to get the secret ending and it was totally worth it <3

i enjoyed this.

I liked it. The atmosphere was certainly unpleasant.


I've found three collectibles (not counting the fuses), and I have no idea what to do with them.

I assume they're part of that secret ending you mentioned?

I was so nice to them and I was betrayed! This was a great game with perfect atmosphere

nice quality, very atmospheric!

nice game. :) l'ambiance est là !

I hate Mannequins :D

Had some fun....Got Murder by a Mannequin...DOPE!

Very creepy.

its laggy but super nice lookin


Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a awesome day!

I played and recorded this game and I've gotta say it was pretty good in my opinion! 

Check out my video here if you like : 

Title: IT GAVE ME A COUPLE SPOOKS - URBEX [Indie horror game]

Video link:

I hope you enjoy my video of the game, if you did then please don't be shy to leave a comment! Maybe even subscribe to the channel if you want to help me reach the 300 subscribers milestone!

Thank you for your time!


Youtube: LetsplaywithPerry 

Twitter: @ LetsplayPerry


Not gonna lie this came got to me a bit. I really enjoyed it though. If you're interested here is my gameplay.


Heyo I played Your Game! It begins at 19:50

I've never found mannequins scary or creepy but the atmosphere was great in this though

I am waiting for the full version :D

Interesting game. A few quirky spots but overall what I'd expect!


Great atmosphere and bar a few odd points very good :D

Thanks for the game!

Couldn't find the secret ending, but would love to know how to get to it. One mannequin in particular REALLY freaked me out. 


Played your game in an indie romp. Nice touch with the reveal, you actually got me with it. Hope you enjoy the video

Your game starts at 6:45
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