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I quite liked the atmosphere (but I'm biased cause I love urban exploring haha). Good game though, would love to see what else you come up with! Your game is the first one on the video and I'm sure my slight hatred for mannequins is pretty clear lol

Good build up of tension. Nice game!

Cool little game. Made me jump a few times

It's short but very well made!

Nice little game

well done! 

well made little game!

Well done! I absolutely loved this game. I played your game in my recent "3 scary games" let's play, i hope i did it justice! Your game is game #2 in my video. 

Nice game

love me some classic jumpscares babyyyyy

Good game bro

Excelente juego de terror
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game gave me ptsd💀

Short but Good 👍

Lo jugué hace un tiempo y he de decir que me gustó la ambientación. Corto pero intenso!

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Short 'n sweet, and man, did not expect the ending haha! After being sick all week, it definitely was a nice game to play to make me feel better :) Keep up the good work, it was fun! 

Short But Definetly Creepy.Loved The Game Tho.These Type Of Mannequins Games Are Really Spooky

Comments below clip;

I really had to pay attention to this game. What I thought to be vials, turned out to be fuses. What I thought was in front of me, turned out to be behind me. The build-up was satisfying and the end rather abrupt. But that's why this a horror game, not a fairy tale :o]

Well done and kudos to all involved.

nice horror game! 

Since I deleted the original video I made on this game I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh, the graphics still hold up very well and it still had that eeriness to it.

Urbe | The horror of the abandoned warehouse that can never be escaped. (Full Subtitles)

Oh man. Truly terrifying, hitting gold with the creepy mannequins everywhere. 😅 

Here's my playthrough


Gracias a tu juego aprendí qué significa la palabra "urbex". Muchas gracias! El juego me gustó mucho. La primera mitad del video es el gameplay de Urbex

Pretty cool game, still do not know what killed me in the end, but it was fun.. Short game.. 

Nice game!!✌✌



Super travail! J'ai beaucoup aime

N'hesitez pas a vous abonner ;]

Played your game at 15:32 after your other game midnight shift, I should not have doubled down on the mannequin horror games in one video! Check it out, sub if you enjoy.

This Game Was Really Scary To Play And I Had A Lot Of Fun Playing It!!

"I did not expect that" 

hola ! , me encanto tu videojuego !!! es genialll , jajaja estaba muerto del miedo en cada segundo , le hize un gameplay espero que te guste muchisimo 

cuidate y sigue asi ! tienes un gran talento 

je n'aime pas

Pretty short game but nice idea. Had a good jump scare near the middle!

This was actually pretty scary good atmosphere and effective jumpscares. We played this on a random games 

I liked the atmosphere. 

【One way ticket 單程票 & Urbex 恐怖探索】 在快餐店下班時遇見大雞雞,感覺很美味的大雞雞

I swear when that thing ran across the door frame, I lost my balls☠! But yeah this is a good game! Here's my gameplay if you wanna see

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