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game gave me ptsd💀

Short but Good 👍

Lo jugué hace un tiempo y he de decir que me gustó la ambientación. Corto pero intenso!

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Short 'n sweet, and man, did not expect the ending haha! After being sick all week, it definitely was a nice game to play to make me feel better :) Keep up the good work, it was fun! 

Short But Definetly Creepy.Loved The Game Tho.These Type Of Mannequins Games Are Really Spooky

Comments below clip;

I really had to pay attention to this game. What I thought to be vials, turned out to be fuses. What I thought was in front of me, turned out to be behind me. The build-up was satisfying and the end rather abrupt. But that's why this a horror game, not a fairy tale :o]

Well done and kudos to all involved.

nice horror game! 

Since I deleted the original video I made on this game I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh, the graphics still hold up very well and it still had that eeriness to it.

Urbe | The horror of the abandoned warehouse that can never be escaped. (Full Subtitles)

Oh man. Truly terrifying, hitting gold with the creepy mannequins everywhere. 😅 

Here's my playthrough


Gracias a tu juego aprendí qué significa la palabra "urbex". Muchas gracias! El juego me gustó mucho. La primera mitad del video es el gameplay de Urbex

Pretty cool game, still do not know what killed me in the end, but it was fun.. Short game.. 

Nice game!!✌✌



Super travail! J'ai beaucoup aime

N'hesitez pas a vous abonner ;]

Played your game at 15:32 after your other game midnight shift, I should not have doubled down on the mannequin horror games in one video! Check it out, sub if you enjoy.

This Game Was Really Scary To Play And I Had A Lot Of Fun Playing It!!

"I did not expect that" 

hola ! , me encanto tu videojuego !!! es genialll , jajaja estaba muerto del miedo en cada segundo , le hize un gameplay espero que te guste muchisimo 

cuidate y sigue asi ! tienes un gran talento 

je n'aime pas

Pretty short game but nice idea. Had a good jump scare near the middle!

This was actually pretty scary good atmosphere and effective jumpscares. We played this on a random games 

I liked the atmosphere. 

【One way ticket 單程票 & Urbex 恐怖探索】 在快餐店下班時遇見大雞雞,感覺很美味的大雞雞

I swear when that thing ran across the door frame, I lost my balls☠! But yeah this is a good game! Here's my gameplay if you wanna see


BRUH THIS IS GAME IS HONESTLY AMAZING! even though its very sure, it gave me some really good scares, keep up the great work

Very nice game

had a lot of fun with this one

My lord, The aesthetic of this game was just terrific. To the beautiful son of a Friend, please keep making games. I'd also love to see a longer version of urbex or something similar in style because this was just too good. 

If you end up checking out my video on the game, I hope that you'll enjoy it just as much as i did playing    - <3 HardDuckman

Played this some time ago ;
played this some time ago mateee
indie horror games are cute

Uhhh sir...why is this game so scary.......

i liked the game it pretty good it was short but good i give it a 7 but i really wanna know who killed me that what got me wounding a lot 

Trying to get your game to work, but I cannot look up, down, or turn left or right, something is wrong with UNITY and I have even uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times, searched online for help on this and found nothing and I don't know what else to do, your game is not the only one that this happens on, it happens on every Unity game.  on yours I even tried setting the Axis for Horizontal and vertical to my Joystick on my controller, but all that does is move my Character in game left, right, forward and back, no ability to look around or turn whatsoever, I am on Windows 10 Pro and I was trying to Stream it on Twitch and do a Letsplay, but this problem has stopped me from playing multiple games.  If Anyone can help me figure out why this is happening please let me know.  I do not know where to even ask, apparently there are no forums where other people have had this issue or they have somehow figured out how to resolve it themselves and not posted any solution to it.  If anyone can help point me in the right direction please let me know as I am somewhat tech savvy, but this is beyond me.  Thank you!

have you tried to ask people on the unity page about it? I personally havent experinced this but i use windows 64x (not pro)

It's gotta be something to do with my computer, some Setting or something because it works fine on my Laptop, unfortunately on the laptop I don't have enough RAM or Processor to be able to play the game and record it.  and low frame rate because the laptop is old.  otherwise I would just use AVERmedia capture Card and play it on the laptop and record it with my Gaming PC.. Still have not figured this issue out.  

I could only get it to work on Steam.  The Stand alone game will not let me look around, I am not sure why this is, but I did go talk to them on the Unity forum, no response there.  It was as if though I was not being understood or something.  Also it seemed like they thought I was a game developer, not a player.  I clarified, but the response was not helpful in any way. 

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Hey, Just played this and had an absolute blast. Ok its short but the graphics, ambience and setting are all top notch. Good work

~ Darragh

Thank you. I enjoyed this. 
No commentary walkthrough, BOTH endings. 

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Im Lost PLace Fan, im already now right with joy on this Game

Okai, interessented Game, nice idea

A Urbes Game withour Horror would also in time would also nice

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