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Played your game at 10:08, the title of my video speaks for itself. Check out my video. Spooky.

(Gameplay starts at 5:55) 

This game reminded me of that time I was kidnapped by a family of mannequins who wouldn't let me escape their house in an abandoned Sears store. I was forced to sleep in the former perfume area where the smell of 37 years' worth of perfume samples rested in the crusty carpets. I was only able to live by eating small mice from the leftover traps laid out beneath the counters. I had to eat a lot to maintain proper nourishment as mice are small and we don't have rats in Alberta (tips my cowboy hat and spits the chewing tobacco I've been sucking on since our last I love Alberta oil truck convoy rally at your shoe).

Great game.

I really enjoyed it!

Its not a bad horror game its kinda scared me

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I played this along with Urbex and I liked this game too. Spooky, creepy atmosphere and a good short horror game. Starts at 6:43.

Great atmosphere, I would have liked it if it was longer for the fear to set in more. I ended up walking though pretty quick, still a good spooky experience. Good Work!

So I decided to play this game on my channel and I very much enjoyed it, the manicans really freaked me out!

Thank you for the experience! Gameplay starts at 2:17

Hello everyone, LetsplaywithPerry here!
I also made a video of this game, It was pretty cool in my opinion. 
* HELPFUL MANNEQUINS - The Midnight Shift *

Please enjoy! 
- Youtube : LetsplaywithPerry

-Twitter : @LetsplayPerry

Really nice game! It was creepy the whole way through. Keep up the good work!

Great filters and great for a first unity project. I would like something more but it is quite nice for a simple walking simulator. Not that scary, short, simple and nice. Mannequins were cute!

why are the mannequins so thicc

those mannequins are not mannequins

This may be a short game, but it was pretty intense. There's just something about mannequins, especially when they watch you.


I gotta say it was pretty darn cool with the mannequins. I played both and I actually ended up liking the first one more but good job nonetheless and I hope you have future content!

good game ;)

i hope you keep making


wow, nice creation:)

It was scary broooo

Amazing game with some good horror atmosphere overall the game was pretty fun.

I loved the game, I made a little video 


This game was awesome! Had just the right sense of fear into the game! 


creepy atmosphere, was waiting to be murdered the whole time lol 

Spooky but Fun! Keep up the great work! It'll be fun if this game is a multiplayer game!

Had quite some fun playing this, great job on the game!

I shared this video with another game, hope you dont mind, creepy mannequins are the extreme of spooky 😂

this game was pretty cool.

I really enjoyed this! I totally used some $5.00 words in here, so viewer beware. 

Keep up the good work Devs!

Super spooky demo! Plays very smoothly, no lag or stutter. The sound is exceptionally creepy. My only gripe is how short it is! Makes sense since it's a demo, but it really made me want more! 

Here's my playthrough: 

Thank you for the experience! I really enjoyed it :)

Hello, a friend suggested this game to me and I can only say it woke up my biggest fear. Still nicely done.

Great game and creepy concept! Very fun video to make. 

Howdy, my sickass just played your game for my channel, i loved it :) as much as i hate mannequins, i loved the game. starts at 7:26   

I love any game that makes it look like a VHS style of gameplay. This just makes you want to not work as a secuirty guard at a mannequin place ever. 

All in all the game is pretty scary. I played Midnight Shift Remake as well and I'm overly impressed with it as well..good job man

Really cool and spooky demo! xD

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I make a video of this game. 

I'm looking forward to the remake of this game

This was such a cool demo! Definetly has a lot of potential!


Hi! Greetings from me (DJAY) and the INDIAN GAMING COMMUNITY!

Your work is amazing! Keep up the amazing work and please update us on your future 

works just like this one which is AMAZING!

If you want to see my experience with your game demo then pls check it out-

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