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Very good remake of a spooky game. Great work! 

Me gusto el juego se movio bien en mi pc aunq en el video no se vea asi, y al leer bien la descripcion vi que tenia varios finales, ya en la proxima lo probare, aqui dejo mi video probandolo, buen juego


this game is really well made a long time ago I played this but its improved so much I didn't even realize until I came across the same location I was in before this game actually scared me a couple times witch is good and the story/gameplay wasn't taking my attention away from the scares (witch is arguably bad or good depending on your stand point) but either way its a good little haunted house experience worth checking out if you want to see my full playthrough here it is 

if you checked it out I appreciate you and consider subscribing it really helps my channel grow either way I still appreciate you though 

very good but please add more jump scares and make them less predictable and more scary overall 8/10 here my gameplay its the second game of the video.


Hey dude I liked the remake, the atmosphere and quality was better.

Keep it up 

Gameplay PT-BR

will there be an Android and iOS version and also Brazilian Portuguese subtitles?

I gave it a go! Nice chills I love games without that much of a jumpscare!

it's not much but can ya'll help me reach 1k subs! :<

Remake is good guy's like subscribe and share...!🤞

I haven't played the first version but this one is very enjoyable. Nice spooks and a cool short trip.

Short & scary :) Well Done !!!

Great game, Played through both original and extended. The scares were well placed and the overal atmosphere had me uneasy the whole time... I liked.


Hello, I really liked this game, very good, super textures, good sound, I want you to subscribe to my channel and help me:

awesome great game

The atmosphere in this game is very immersive and just what I love in a horror game. My only complaints would be the mannequins look a bit goofy compared to the original ones from Urbex,  taking to scare factor down by a lot. My other "complaint" is more of just letting you know some boxes when you go through the exit are clipping through the walls. Not a big deal though. Keep up the good work! Just maybe try a different mannequin model please? 

I was expecting there might be a monster coming out to own me. At the end, I end up walking through a tunnel and there are lights flashing. Is it the right ending? I feel like I should've used the keys or something.

Played well

Really dug this! I didn't have any comparison to make as I didn't play the original but I thought this was a slow building, really enjoyable horror experience. The scares were in your face but subtle and didn't rely on super loud noise which I appreciated. 

Very cool game just wish there were more to it. Still trying for those other endings!

Nice game

its horfing i lovet

Such a great game!

One thing I now know about myself thanks to Urbex and this game, is that I am afraid of mannequins. This game is unnerving and truly scary. Thanks for the heart attack. I did a playthrough of this game and I will link it below if you are interested in watching.

game was creepy and good.

it was cool. the combination of midnight shift to urbex was nice. but i have to say. the original midnight shift and urbex were more creepy and had an darker athmosphere. the new mannequins doesnt really look that scary. i really liked the original ones. but the idea of making them new and combine them was really nice.

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The atmosphere was really well made; the noises, darkness, ambience and environment went together really, really well to make on great atmosphere throughout the game. It kept up the sense of ominousness  and scariness throughout the whole game. (Video at the bottom if anyone wants to watch!) 

The sense of something might be behind was really well made too; with the closed spaces and the moving mannequins, it just went really well together. The story was not bad too, the ending makes the player think if things are normal or whether something else other than what they experienced throughout the game might be happening.

The only thing I thought that was strange was the brown circular corridor at the end. I thought it broke the immersion because it was suddenly different from everything else. But other than that, the game was really well made!!

All in all, a pretty well made short horror game! Can't wait to play Urbex and also future games by you; you've seemed to nail down sounds and atmosphere!

The third segment in the first video for my B&W horror anthology series:

had a good time playing, but I do wish there were more jump scares or scary moments.

Had a good time with one. I ended up playing both versions. 

I really enjoyed coming back to this game! I've played the original game two years ago and back then it already gave me the chills. I really loved the quality of the remake! I Also really like the fact that there is an extended version now. I played both the extended and original version in my let's play. Great job on the remake!


Nice remake!

Here is my gameplay

very cool game i enjoyed playing it. 

Thanks so much for making this game Phantom, sadly my nerves of steel could handle the jump scares, but still had fun playing it.

We're taking our real job and making it happen in real life! In Midnight Shift, we play as a security guard. Robin Williams might appear! 

Fun game man so many loud noises had me jumping dude haha

Hello, I'm FRench.

Good job on it, thank you for the game ! 

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